Spanish Courses

Spanish Courses

Whether you want to learn in a group, have private tuition or choose to have a combination of both, our Spanish courses in are of the highest quality, ensuring your progress will be fast and effective, as long as you apply yourself.

University educated, native speaking teachers will focus on actual Spanish communication.

Your teacher will use interesting and lively techniques such as games, role-playing, interviews, group and pair activities, etc. to help you apply and expand your language skills.

Group size is kept very small, so you will get all the attention necessary to learn Spanish efficiently. The teachers are very skilled in assessing your current level and adjusting the course content to address your needs with challenging and attention-grabbing material and exercises.

  • Intensive Spanish courses

Take advantage of our popular Intensive Spanish course in which you will develop your language skills in an interactive small group environment. You will participate in 15 hours of classes per week held either in the morning or the afternoon.Classes incorporate Reading, writing, listening and speaking and are designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible.

Starting Every Week ( Every Monday year round)

Duration: Minimum One Week.

  • One to one Spanish courses

Our One-to-One Spanish courses are tailored to meet the needs and goals of each student within the curriculum. Students are able to select the hours and days of study, and each lesson is tailored to their specific needs within the curriculum. The individual nature of these courses means students progress quickly and confidently with their Spanish learning.

  • University programs
This programs are fully accredited and designed to increase participant ability to communicate in all aspects of the Spanish language, as well as to enhance their understanding of Puerto Rican cultural patterns.